• The Shark Story Keeps Evolving

    • Golf Australia
    This article appears in the November 2016 issue of Golf Australia.

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. My first step started with the creation of Great White Shark Enterprises nearly 30 years ago.

    Over the years, I’ve learned that no business can stand still. There are always changes in ownership and personnel, and invariably challenges to keep your product relevant and in-demand. The reality is that businesses change, just like people. So like our icon the shark, we keep moving.

    During this time of reflection and transition, I had to ask myself: what is the purpose of Great White Shark Enterprises? What are we trying to accomplish? Why do out customers stick with us? With that, I am thrilled to announce the evolution of my company from Great White Shark Enterprises to the Greg Norman Company with a new shark logo that reflects where we are today as a business. Along with an evolved name and logo comes clearly defined brand values that help us continue to build our relationship with our fans.

    Here is what I want the Greg Norman Company to inspire in you: “Feel confident in any situation. Go for the green. Live today better than yesterday. Dig deeper to push harder. I Think past obstacles. Put your fingerprint on it. Pursue the undiscovered. Learn through experience. Go with your gut. Play your own game. Defy boundaries. Inspire anyone to take a bold step.”

    Looking back, I can’t believe my company started as a clothing line. We sought to build brand credibility, and once that was established the opportunities were limitless. We embraked on a corporate restructuring over the past several years to grow outside golf-related products and services, and although golf will always be our foundation, I have been able to expand on this list by tapping into the interests and lifestyle beyond only golfers. Out current landscape includes golf course design, wine, real estate, and investment fund and everything in between with new opportunities and industries on the horizon. This is what will ultimately position us for longevity.

    I have been talking about my 200-year vision for the company for the past few years and questioning how I can prepare the Greg Norman Company to live out its potential for generations to come. This evolution is what we need to become a diversified global business that will survive decades past my lifetime.

    I would like to see the shark live on in perpetuity. That’s the greatest accomplishment I could have.

    I don’t have a formal business education – I don’t even have a college degree. When I was 20 years old, I was making $28 a week at a golf club in Australia. None of this happened overnight. I’m self-made and I had to perform week-in and week-out on the golf course to get where I am. You can’t achieve success by giving up or settling for anything short of greatness. It comes to those who truly work for it.

    I consider this in many ways to be the back nine of my life. So I have to ask myself, “How did I do on the front nine?” I feel like I shot a respectable score for the first 50 years, maybe three- ot four-under par. As for the back nine, I have calmed down and settled into a bit of a rhythm. I have a better feel for the clubs now – the tools of life. And even though I’m more patient and wise. I still have a fire deep in my belly. I really want to finish strong, just the way I started.

    Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. You – the fans – have always been the heart and soul of what I do. #AttackLife

    Greg Norman writes a quarterly column for Golf Australia. This article appears in the November 2016 issue.