• New York City Media Tour

    (October 5, 2018) – Greg just returned from a 2-day New York City media tour and appeared on everything from Barstool Sports to FOX Business to SiriusXM. Please see links to coverage below.

    Barstool Sports Fore Play Podcast

    Legend Greg Norman joins us in studio, and he’s even more impressive in person. The Shark tells riveting stories and chops it up like he’s one of the boys. If he could have one shot to do over again, which would it be? Does he have the best logo in the world? What’s the most nervous he’s been? Is there anything he wished he didn’t say? What’s his single favorite golf shot to hit? What happened to President Clinton’s leg at Norman’s house in 1997? What’s the most outrageous thing he’s heard from the fans?

    Barstool Sports Pizza Review

    800° Woodfired Kitchen with special guest Greg Norman.

    Varney & Co.

    Greg Norman Company CEO Greg Norman on President Trump’s impact on the U.S. economy and perceptions of the country and his company’s investment in virtual sportscasting company Spalk.

    Yahoo! Finance

    From the golf course to the business world: Greg Norman shares his secrets for success.

    Yahoo! Sportsbook Podcast

    Yahoo Finance’s Dan Roberts and Myles Udland grill golf legend Greg Norman on the Ryder Cup drama, Tiger’s return, Trump and golf, and course design.

    Mad Dog Radio on SiriusXM