• Super-fit Shark Shares Fitness Secrets

    One of Australia’s most recognisable sports stars is now 62 years of age and has taken fitness to a whole new level.

    In fact, Greg Norman has used his role as Guest Editor of AUSTRALIAN GOLF DIGEST’s ‘Get Fit Issue’ to share his workout and nutrition secrets, to help others make the most of life.

    In the World Exclusive workout series, Norman reveals he hasn’t consumed a soft drink for almost a quarter-of-a-century, after on-course headaches (caused by consuming the sponsored products) saw him become far more pro-active on nutrition. These days that extends to avoiding any ‘white’ foods.

    “I’m 62 now but regular training and a good diet makes me feel so much younger. It will change your life too, believe me,” Norman writes in his Guest Editor’s Letter.

    “But do you want to be Golf Fit, Ego Fit or Life Fit? By that I mean do you want to improve your golf game, bulk up to impress yourself and others, or do you want to take the road I’m on now and live a healthy life in the mind, body and soul?”

    Here’s a sneak-peek at his gym routine:

    To see all Greg’s interview highlights and exclusive workout videos, go to: www.australiangolfdigest.com.au/tv