• The 15-Minute Workout

    This program has been designed for the recreational player who is unable to commit large amounts of time to training, but realizes some benefits that can be gained from a brief training session. Greg Norman uses this program when he is on the road.

    Many times, particularly when traveling overseas, you are not certain what type of training environment you might find. Because you might be on the road for as long as two to four weeks at a time, lack of regular strength and conditioning activities could lead to losing some of the fitness gains that were made in the preceding three months. It therefore is essential to have a time-efficient training program that does not require much equipment, is portable, and can be performed in the privacy of your hotel room. The 15-minute golf fitness workout serves this purpose perfectly and also is highly recommended for someone who has not previously participated in a fitness program specifically for golf. It addresses all components required to make positive changes in your body and your golf game.

    Remember, though, that you should not start an exercise program without an examination by a physician or qualified health care provider. Once you have the medical okay, you are ready to begin.

    Most recreational golfers are not willing to spend long hours improving their fitness level. We live in a quick-fix society. That's why we've designed a time-limited program to train the neuromuscular system, enhance performance, and prevent injury (see table below). This program not only satisfies golfers' playing needs, but trains for sport-related muscular strength, functional flexibility, dynamic postural balance, and segmental coordination. Strength exercises address the trunk, upper body, and lower body, while flexibility training focuses on the hips and low back.

    Balance activities are basic; the two segmental sequencing drills are meant to create sequential separation and connection among the hips, trunk, and upper body. Try to do the program outlined below twice per week, but you may do any part of it (except the strength exercises) as often as you like.

    The 15-Minute Workout
    Program ComponentBody FocusExerciseReps x Duration
    FlexibilityHips and GlutealsFigure Four1 x 20 s
    Hip AbductorsCrossover1 x 20 s
    Abdominals & BackDouble Leg Crossover1 x 20 s
    HamstringsSeated Hamstring3 x 5 s
    Upper BackSeated Club Lat5 x 3 s
    AbdominalsPress Up8 x 2 s
    Hip FlexorsStanding Hip Flexor1 x 20 s
    Hips, Abdominals, & ShouldersBow Bend1 x 20 s
    StrengthTrunkAbdominal Hollowing10 x 2 s
    TrunkProne Leg Raise10 x 2 s
    Lower BodyWall Sit10 x 3-5 s
    Lower BodyBridging0 x 3-5 s
    Upper BodySupine Press10 Reps
    Upper BodySeated Chop10 Reps Each Way
    Upper BodySeated Lift10 Reps Each Way
    BalanceHip AbductorsTubing Abductors1 x 30 s Each Way
    Hip AdductorsTubing Adductors1 x 30 s Each Way
    Segmental SequencingAbdominals and Lower BackHip-trunk Separation30 s
    Abdominals and Lower BackHip-trunk Separation & Connection30 s

    Complete Conditioning For Golf