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Around the World Ticket
Greg Norman recently completed a whirlwind ‘round the world trip, making stops in seven cities in 10 days. Here are some of the highlights:

Lanai, Hawaii
20.8166° N, 156.9273° W
A quick visit to Larry Ellison’s (founder of Oracle) new Four Seasons Resort. Bordering a marine preserve perched atop a rugged red-lava cliff above a white-sand beach, this property has “some of the best landscaping I have seen anywhere in the world” according to Greg.
Day 1: 4,805 Miles Traveled
Jupiter Island, Florida to Lanai, Hawaii
Lanai, Hawaii

Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia
37.8141° S, 144.9633° E
Traveling to the heart of Victoria, Greg checked in on the progress of Cathedral Lodge, GNGCD’s latest and greatest masterpiece. This ultra-private course has plans to open in spring 2017 and will certainly be considered one of Greg’s finest designs to date.
Day 2: 5,540 Miles Traveled
Lanai, Hawaii to Melbourne, Australia

Sydney, Australia
33.8675° S, 151.2070° E
“I love getting back to my roots and working to elevate the visibility of all my country has to offer the world.” – Greg Norman
Day 3: 444 Miles Traveled
Melbourne, Australia to Sydney, Australia
Lanai, Hawaii

Uluru, Australia
Uluru, Australia
25.3454° S, 131.0349° E
Home of Ayers Rock, a massive sandstone monolith in the heart of the Northern Territory’s Red Centre desert. It’s sacred to indigenous Australians and believed to be about 700 million years old!
Day 4: 1,349 Miles Traveled
Sydney, Australia to Uluru, Australia

Darwin, Australia
12.4628° S, 130.8418° E
A stop in Croc Country to explore tourism development opportunities. Joined by Chief Minister, Adam Giles, Greg made some new friends, got up close and personal with some crocs and took in the adventure of the “top end.”
Day 5: 888 Miles Traveled
Uluru, Australia to Darwin, Australia
Darwin, Australia

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo, Japan
35.6895° N, 139.6917° E
Three days in one of Greg’s favorite cities in the world, he got to brush up on his Japanese, eat sushi, visit the Fish Market and attend an OMEGA event at one of their marquee boutiques.
Day 6: 3,381 Miles Traveled
Darwin, Australia to Tokyo, Japan

Los Angeles, CA, USA
34.0522° N, 118.2437° W
Last but not least, a brief visit to Hermosa Beach for some exciting investment opportunities.
Day 9: 5,478 Miles Traveled
Tokyo, Japan to Los Angeles, CA, USA
Los Angeles, California

Jupiter, FL
Jupiter Island, FL, USA
26.9342° N, 80.0942° W
Home, sweet home!
Day 10: 2,313 Miles Traveled
Los Angeles, CA, USA to Jupiter Island, FL, USA

24,198 Total Miles Traveled!

Wake up! Stand up! Shark Wake Park Coming Soon
Shark Wake Park 843

Greg Norman, Jr.
Greg Norman Jr.
Have you heard? Cable Wakeboarding, the newest addition to a distinguished list of extreme sports throughout the world, allows for the best of the extreme nature of wakeboarding without the need for a boat.

The brainchild of Greg Norman Jr., Shark Wake Park is the newest venture from Great White Shark Enterprises, with the first location opening in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this summer!

Located in the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex, Shark Wake Park 843 features both a 5-tower full-size cable and 2-tower cable system via Alta Cable Ski complete with UNIT Parktech obstacles. The full-size is the tallest cable system in the United States!

Shark Wakepark 843 is one of the easiest systems to learn on while also allowing advanced riders and pros to go as big as they like!

The park will also feature:
Shark Wake ParkShark Shack for food, refreshments, beer & wine garden
Shark Wake ParkWakesurf school
Shark Wake ParkPro Shop
Shark Wake ParkRonix wake gear featuring a “Try it before you Buy it” program
Shark Wake ParkAqua Park (opening 2017)

Follow us on social and stay tuned for more info on the Grand Opening party!
Shark Wake
Shark Wake Park@SharkWakePark
Shark Wake ParkFor more information, sponsorship or hiring opportunities:

Shark Wake Park 843Shark Wake Park 843
Shark Wake Park 843Shark Wake Park 843

The Greenest Greens & The Bluest Blues: Mar de Indias
Mar de Indias
Greg Norman and GWSE are proud to announce our partnership with Mar de Indias, a visionary project and the first of its kind in Colombia, offering an impressive selection of luxury residential properties and world-class amenities.

Located 20 miles north of Cartagena on the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, Mar de Indias is a 700-acre development featuring an 18-hole championship Greg Norman-designed golf course, Clubhouse, miles of white sand beaches and luxury Beach Club, 5-Star hotel, spa, tennis, sailing, water sports and much more. Upon completion, Mar de Indias will include 240 single-family homes and 1,000 luxury condominiums.

In addition to the GNGCD signature course, The Norman Design Group will be developing the design-aesthetic for the entire project including the model villas and Clubhouse, as the GWSE marketing team works collaboratively with the developers to provide marketing and branding support.

Greg and his team recently spent some time in Cartagena on a site visit, working on the golf course and getting to know some prospective members. Development is well under-way and a project launch is scheduled for this summer. More to come!

Mar de IndiasMar de Indias
Mar de IndiasMar de Indias

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