• BlacktipH Fishing

    In this episode of BlacktipH, Greg Norman and I catch a massive hammerhead shark that was bigger in overall length than the current world record. I was flying my drone and found a monster hammerhead shark chasing a blacktip shark, trying to eat it. We hooked a blacktip shark and moments later, a massive hammerhead shark swam by the boat and proceeded to eat the blacktip shark that we hooked. I managed to capture the entire feeding behavior with my drone! Greg fought the shark for nearly an hour with heavy tackle. The size of this shark was massive, larger than we imagined! The overall length of the shark was 175 inches (14ft and 7 inches), literary the largest hammerhead shark I've ever seen! Myself, Greg and Ryan decided to jump in the water with the shark before the release. This was such an incredible experience! Greg caught and released one of the largest hammerhead sharks ever on rod and reel!