• Greg Norman – Being Number One

    In an exclusive interview with Betty Liu for her podcast, Radiate, Norman talks about his success in sports and business, the struggles with running a massive company and yes, he talks about the stunning collapse at the Masters in 1996. It’s a very personal and extremely revealing discussion with a person who just can’t settle to be number two.

    Greg Norman to Tiger Woods: Be Less Private

    Golfing icon Greg Norman has had incredible success - and some huge failures - on the green. He gives some advice to his younger counterparts Jordan Spieth and Tiger Woods on what they need to do to up their game.

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    Golfing pro and entrepreneur Greg Norman has got some news for the Fed. Follow his golf course business to know where the economy is headed.

    Greg Norman On What He Learned from the 1996 Masters

    It’s been 20 years since golfing legend Greg Norman collapsed in the final round at the 1996 Masters. People still talk about. So was it a blessing in disguise?