• Greg Norman: “All Sports Men And Women Have Stepped Up In Wake Of Australian Bushfires”

    Greg Norman is an international businessman… a global traveler…and U.S. resident, but make no bones about it, Norman is an “Aussie” through and through.

    That’s why the recent bushfires in Norman’s homeland of Australia have struck such a chord with the World Golf Hall of Famer.

    “It’s really hit me hard. I’ve been gutted by it all”- Norman tells SI.com.

    To date more than 3000 homes have been destroyed, and millions of animals have been killed by the worst fires the country has seen in decades.

    Never one to sit back and watch, the Great White Shark has taken action. On Wednesday Norman announced a partnership with the American Australian Association to launch a Bushfire Relief Fund. He’s also leaned on his friends in both the golf and business world to chip in and help.

    Through his Shark Shootout Charities, generated by Norman’s annual golf tournament, a $250,000 commitment was initiated and immediately matched by the PGA Tour and the International President’s Cup team, led by Captain Ernie Els, bringing the inital total to half a million dollars.

    Norman is proud of the relief funds he’s helped raise and knows it will assist thousands of people in Australia, but at his core, he keeps coming back to a single question.

    “Why are we in this position?” -asks Norman.

    “50,000 years of custodianship was done by the Australian aboriginals. They managed our country in extremely good fashion. Why are we now having these massive wildfires?”

    Norman says the process of burn-back and maintaining Australia was done in the 1700’s but is not conducted today. The two-time major champion is adamant about his country taking a look at its protocols, procedure and preparation.

    “We cannot simply kick the can down the road” says Norman.