• Greg Norman Pays Tribute to Arnold Palmer

    Golf legend Greg Norman joined Varney & Co. on Monday to pay tribute to the “King” Arnold Palmer, who died Sunday at age 87.

    “He was a real champion… Everybody had a man crush on Arnold Palmer... I’ve known him for 35-year.. There’s two [people] in the sporting world that actually impacted my life dramatically, and that would be Muhammad Ali and Arnold Palmer. Both of them had magnetism and charisma oozing out of their skin and he was a man of the people, for the people,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

    Norman said Palmer revolutionized the sport of golf.

    “He brought money to the game. Every player in the game today owes a thank you to Arnold Palmer for what he’s done… Rory McIlroy won $11.5 million yesterday. Rory McIlroy could never have won $11.5 million if it wasn’t for Arnold Palmer. What he did, bringing the audience to the game of golf, to the TV screen,” he said.

    He also urged golfers to follow in Palmer’s footsteps.

    “I think every young player today should go back and watch old footage of Arnold Palmer --old footage where Arnold was walking down the fairways. There were no gallery rows back then. You actually walked down there -- people were touching you, feeling you, smelling you, talking to you, wanting to be involved with you. Arnold embraced every single one of them,” he said.