• Norman: I Would Like To See Jason, Adam And Others Achieve Even More Than I Did

    Greg Norman penned the following Op-Ed for FoxSports.com.au about Jason Day’s incredible win at Whistling Straits.

    • Jason Day
    Jason Day poses with the Wanamaker trophy, wife Ellie and son Dash after winning the US PGA title. (Source: Getty Images)

    Aussie golf is inspiring. I love our endless pursuit to prove that we are a golfing nation to be reckoned with. And all of the near misses along the way fuel the desire to win and make the moment even sweeter.

    Mere weeks after seeing Jason miss the playoff by one stroke at the Open and suffer crippling vertigo at the U.S. Open, the underdog everyone had been rooting for finally had his day, and in record fashion.

    Jason has been knocking on the door of success for years now. It really depends on how hard you knock and how many times you want to knock that determines if you will loosen the hinges. He came to the PGA on a mission to kick the door down and he clearly blew the hinges off. A testament to his guts and belief.

    At the beginning of the tournament, watching him walk to the driving range, you could see how focused he was and how determined he was that he was going to do it this time. When Jason left St. Andrews, he knew he had to do his homework and make an assessment of his game. His attitude post-British Open was positive and one of determination, and it clearly worked.

    I know Jason well and he is a proud man and a staunch believer in himself. Belief is a powerful tool combined with talent and determination. Everything fell into place this time around, but it was due to hard work and perseverance. He knew what he had to do and he executed every stage perfectly.

    It always helps to have a strong support system and Jason has a wonderful team around him including Colin Swatton who is not only his caddie and coach, but his confidant. He also has a beautiful family, his wife Ellie and his son Dash and another baby on the way, which will continue to give him the additional motivation he needs to succeed.

    I have always said I want to be accessible and open to all young players on the TOUR, and particularly my fellow Aussies. No one likes to see people not achieve or a great talent stuck. In fact, I would like to see Jason, Adam and others achieve even more than I did!

    To see two Aussies join the club in the past few years makes me extremely proud of my country. As for me, I’m maybe the proudest Aussie of all. It is important to be happy for others, to give back with sincerity. I know how hard it is to be successful, so I get elated when others experience it.

    I am so impressed with the state of the game today. Guys like Jason Day and Jordan Spieth have so much respect for the game and for each other. I loved watching the incredible show of sportsmanship yesterday on the back nine between these two.

    Jordan was really pulling for Jason because he knew he was watching something special happen. This was how it was in my generation and I am thrilled to see the baton passed on to such an amazing group of men. This is what golf is all about. Respect for the game.

    Jason most definitely passed the exam on Sunday.

    - Greg Norman

    This Op-Ed was written by Greg Norman for FoxSports.com.au.