• Greg Norman Backs Donald Trump: ‘Every Day He Becomes More Presidential’

    • Greg Norman
    Norman: “I have spoken to Donald on numerous occasions since the election and I think he will surprise many with what he will do with the presidency, but not himself. He has a clear vision.”

    Aussie golfing great Greg Norman says his friend Donald Trump has exceeded expectations, praising his early months in the White House, saying “every day he becomes more presidential”.

    In a world exclusive interview with News Corp Australia, ‘The Great White Shark’ said Trump has “the Stars and Stripes running pure through his veins” as he goes about “re-establishing that America is the leader of the free world protecting the freedom and democracy of all”.

    He also says Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to see Trump succeed in the top job, despite a difficult start to the leaders’ relationship in a fractious phonecall days after he took office.

    Greg Norman says Donald Trump is succeeding in his role as US President despite strong opposition.

    As a close friend of both leaders, Norman had earlier put them in touch, ensuring Turnbull was only the second world leader to congratulate Trump after his stunning election win in November.

    As the world prepared to pass judgment on the President’s first 100 days in office, Norman said Trump was succeeding despite facing what he described an unprecedented and unreasonable opposition from many quarters.

    “I think it’s unfair to judge the President in the first 100 days. The learning curve for any newly elected President must be close to vertical,” Norman said.

    “Then add the animus attitude of others, attempting to block his every move, I think he has adjusted very well going from the boardroom to the Oval office.”

    ‘The Great White Shark’ says Malcolm Turnbull wants to see Donald Trump succeed in his presidency.

    Norman penned an open letter to US publication Newsweek last year in support of Trump after he became President-elect, saying he was confident his friend would not let anyone down.

    “Donald, for all his bluster, rhetoric and aggressive style of messaging, caught the attention of those that needed a rudder for their forgotten ship and beliefs,” Norman wrote.

    “I have spoken to Donald on numerous occasions since the election and I think he will surprise many with what he will do with the presidency, but not himself. He has a clear vision.”

    Last week, Norman said the new President should be applauded for staying true to his word and for showing strong leadership in the Syria crisis.

    The champion golfer says Donald Trump is “passionate and protective of America”.

    Trump last month launched a retaliatory strike of 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian air base from where government forces deployed a devastating chemical attack that killed more than 80 civilians.

    “I believe he has attempted to (live up to his campaign promises). Without question, he has tried to stay on point with the messages that got him elected by mainstream Americans who were in need of a rudder,” Norman said.

    “Every day he becomes more presidential.

    “His message to Syria after their pusillanimous chemical attack on their own people. Decisions such as that cannot be easy, but they are the ones that a strong leader must make on behalf of the free world. To show the world that barbaric behaviour that flies in the face of every UN resolution will never be tolerated from any country.

    “He is passionate and protective of America and its people.

    The Aussie golfer and entrepreneur says Donald Trump is becoming more presidential every day.

    “In regards to Syria he delivered a response that was measured, yet forceful. A Ronald Reagan moment. Those old enough have seen many administrations before struggle with these very countries.”

    Asked how he believed Mr Trump would rate his own performance so far, Norman offered: “I would say he feels good about it. One thing is for sure and obvious from an outsider’s point of view — one can win on populism but one cannot govern by the same. Understanding the nuances or the dichotomy of what happens within the political beltway pre and post-election has to be numbing.

    “Not coming from a political background and being a doer, this, I imagine, had to come as a surprise as it seems everyone has an agenda for themselves or their party and not for America as a whole.”

    Norman also scoffed at criticism of Mr Trump for spending time on the golf course.

    “Why not? He loves the game and the relief it gives him. We all need an outlet,” he said.

    Norman also scoffed at criticism of Mr Trump, pictured high-fiving Japan’s PM in Florida, for spending time on the golf course.

    Norman believes the President’s core supporter base would be feeling frustrated that their representative continues to be pilloried by his opposition and large sections of the media who refuse to accept the legitimacy of his election victory.

    “Frustrated by the seeming lack of support he is getting — both from within his own party and the hostile, and at times, illogical pejorative comments from the opposition,” he said.

    “He is fighting for them on the domestic and international front and re-establishing that America is the leader of the free world protecting the freedom and democracy of all.

    “The divisiveness within this country, no matter whether within the respective parties or the people of the country has been very evident for nearly a decade now. I remember when Obama was elected it was exposed even more. Now the shift has happened with the election of Trump.

    “As like most elections, one runs on promises, and many times those promises are not adhered to once in the Oval office. A great and strong leader does all he or she cannot to break those promises that the voters supported them on.

    Greg Norman is a close friend of both Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull.

    “With every President or Prime Minister, respect must be given to the office of that position, no matter what your political leaning is, or personal view of the individual in that position. The people have spoken and decided.”

    Norman says he also has a “wonderful relationship” with Malcolm Turnbull, who wants to see Trump succeed in the Presidency.

    The pair will meet this week in New York for the first time since their difficult phone call shortly after Trump took office and expressed dissatisfaction with the refugee resettlement deal struck with the Obama administration.

    US Vice President Mike Pence said recently the deal would be going ahead.

    “I am very fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with my PM. Yes, we communicate often and when I was last in Australia I had a private lunch with he and his wife,” he said.

    This article appears courtesy of Sarah Blake and News Corp Australia.