• Introduction To Complete Conditioning For Golf

    Golf is a great game enjoyed by more than 25 million Americans. You are undoubtedly one of that number, and whether you're a tournament player or novice, you certainly want to perform as well as you can. You also want to avoid injuries and physical setbacks that can easily detract from your golf experiences. The purpose of this book is to present a sensible and personal physical conditioning program that will enhance your playing ability and reduce your injury risk. As you will see, these desirable outcomes are two sides of the conditioning coin, and the same training program that increases your driving power also decreases your injury potential.

    The golf swing is a complex, explosive, and physically stressful action, and you must prepare your body to both produce and withstand the forces required for powerful drives. You can improve several important aspects of your swing through functional fitness training that should significantly increase your driving distance.

    1. You can increase your club swing range by improving your joint flexibility.

    2. You can increase your club swing speed by developing your muscle strength.

    3. You can increase your club swing power by training your dynamic postural balance and segmental coordination.

    Improving your golf game through better physical fitness is what this book is all about. Of course, this includes cardiovascular activity and appropriate nutrition. Our primary focus, however, is on safe, sensible, effective and efficient exercise programs designed specifically for golfers. These progressive fitness components include flexibility for full swing mechanics; strength for maximum distance and control; postural stability for a consistent swing plane; coordination for power transfer and skill execution; and the complete golf conditioning program.

    Because we want you to fully understand the fitness essentials for optimum golf and how to evaluate your personal fitness strengths and weaknesses relevant to golf performance, we devote the first two chapters to these topics. After following the suggested exercise programs and developing a functional level of golf fitness, you will find it relatively easy to maintain your new physical abilities. For this reason, we conclude the book with our 15-minute golf fitness workout, which enables you to train productively even when time is limited.

    We believe that the first step for improving your golf game and avoiding physical setbacks is a sound general exercise program that increases your overall fitness. The second step is more targeted training that includes specific stretching, strengthening, and sequencing exercises to enhance your power production and elevate your playing ability to higher performance levels. This book presents well-tested programs of basic exercise and sport-specific training known as the PAC (Progressive Adaptive Conditioning) Total Golf system which can increase your driving distance, injury resistance, and playing enjoyment.

    Complete Conditioning For Golf