Cable Bicep Curls

We’ve done the seated bicep curls, but this workout is another great way to work on that muscle and these cable machines can be found in nearly every gym around the world. Ensure the machine has a single handlebar connected to one of the cables and choose the appropriate weight for you. Get into a strong, athletic position – knees slightly bent into a squat position, stick your butt out and squeeze your abs. Now it’s just a slow curl, up and down and in a controlled motion. Again, breath out on the way up and in on the way down. My piece of advice with this exercise is if you have a bad back be very careful not to go with too much weight because your back muscles and vertebrae will want to compress a little bit when you lift up. So start light and work your way up to a weight you are comfortable with and before you know it you’ll be stronger in your lower back.
*These exercises were originally prescribed to Greg Norman by his personal trainer. Before you attempt anything, consult a personal trainer to see which exercises may be right for you.