Posted: February 1, 2024

Greg Norman Issues LIV Golf Response After $3bn PGA Tour Deal

LIV Golf commissioner Greg Norman insisted it is business as usual for LIV Golf in a letter sent to staff in the wake of the PGA Tour’s $3billion deal with Strategic Sports Group (SSG).

The Tour’s deal with a consortium of American sports team owners will see billions pumped into PGA Tour Enterprises – the new, for-profit wing of the Tour – which is now set to be valued at around $12bn.

The agreement could also lay the groundwork for Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) to come on board in the future as a co-investor in PGA Tour Enterprises, with negotiations ongoing since June last year.

Any such deal between the two could cast doubt on the long-term future of LIV Golf but, in a letter to staff, commissioner Norman remained his utmost confidence in the circuit’s future as it geared up for the first event of its third season in Mayakoba.

“Let me make one thing very clear: nothing announced by other tours or investment groups changes LIV Golf’s positive trajectory or future plans,” the Australian said in a widely-circulated letter.

“We started LIV Golf with the goal of creating something new, taking the game to a global, diverse audience and driving innovation while growing golf’s fanbase. More investment in golf is a great thing for the game and for us. It’s a positive development for our players, our fans, and for the long-term future of the game.

“Golf is now viewed as an asset class. We proved this was possible and are now in a unique position to mold and drive this incredible growth opportunity. This broader interest and commitment to the game, and investment in its future, would not have happened without the emergence of LIV Golf as an innovative force in the golf ecosystem.

“We are moving full steam ahead and expanding on the incredible success we have already achieved in a very short time. I have never been more confident in the league, the people involved, and our supporters all over the world.’’

Although the PGA Tour’s deal will secure its long-term financial future, it still does nothing to address the ongoing splinter in men’s professional golf. When asked about the deal, LIV’s Bryson DeChambeau hoped it could be the start of that much-needed coming together.

“What I can say is that any investment into the game of golf is gigantic, especially on their side,” the American said.

“You see what we’re doing in communities on our side and continuing to grow with the expansion of the new team and addition of new players, new talent out here. They’re incredible players.

“You’re just going to see both entities continue to grow, and I hope at some point we’ll come back together. It needs to happen.

“I hope people can just put down their weapons and come to the table and figure it out because that’s what’s good for the game of golf and for fans in general. But like I said, any additional capital going into the game of golf is always positive. I’ve always said that.”

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