Greg Norman on Diet
Is food a passion or fuel for me? Both.
Greg Norman on Fitness
Greg Norman reveals his fitness secrets that can help you shave 30 years off your game.
Bicep Concentration Curl
Everybody can do this simple, old-school curl. Pick whatever dumbbell weight you feel comfortable with and sit down with the elbow of your lifting arm placed on the inside of the leg on the same side.
Cable Bicep Curls
We’ve done the seated bicep curls, but this workout is another great way to work on that muscle and these cable machines can be found in nearly every gym around the world.
Tricep Extension
You can do this in many different ways, whether you’re in a hotel or office, you can improvise. Here in the gym, I bend over in a very athletic position, feet shoulder-width apart and squeeze my core and abs.
Cable Tricep Extension
With this exercise, attach and grab the rope handles on the cable machine and position them behind your head, making sure you are facing the other direction in an athletic position. Now simply push the cable forward with both hands so your arms are fully extended out in front of you.
Shoulder Dumbbell Raises
Shoulder exercises were extremely important during my playing days. This is an easy workout you can do with two dumbbells, one in each hand.
Shoulder Dumbbell Curls
This is another shoulder exercise I absolutely love. Simply grab two dumbbells and get your forearms out in front in a 90-degree position.
Medicine Ball Throw
This is a great exercise for your inner core and overall stability – in fact it’s perfect for everything about the proprioception of your body.
Intense Workout
This really is an intense exercise and shouldn’t be done without seeing a trainer first. It’s all about the strength of your lower unit – your glutes, hamstring and core – combined with your upper body movement